Join us for the Brickfête Auction!  Your registration entitles you to bid on unique and rare LEGO and LEGO related items (listed below).

Eligible: Registered Adults (18+ only)

Please note, the auction will be held in English.  However we will take and confirm bids in both French and English for the Montreal event. 

Be the highest bidder in our exclusive AFOL only Auction. Have your bidding hand and your wallet ready for a good old fashioned live auction.

"Do I hear 5 dollars? You Sir, with that ball cap on backwards, did you say Ten?" 

photo credit to Calum

When we put Mr. Magno behind the gavel we are never quite sure what will happen, but we do know one thing, its worth the price of admission! Caveat, admission is free
No matter how much he distracts and taunts, just be sure you are the higgest bidder when that gavel slams down! 

Rules: Brickfête Auctions is owned by and under terms set forth we will accept your cash (either Canadian, Canadian Tire or American at par) or personal Canadian Bank cheques. With our regrets, to our out of country guests, Brickfête is not able to accept non-Canadian Bank Cheques.  As well, through the magic of the Wi-Fi Internet, we can now offer winning bidders the ability to pay via Paypal (surcharges will apply.)   

All auctions items are all sales final. 

Item need to be paid in full and to be picked up no later than 10 pm the same day auction occurs.