Dirty Brickster

Each player contributes one "gift" to the game and each player walks away with one different "gift" of similar value.  Tons of fun for everyone playing. 

Eligible: Registered AFOL

Game Play: Show up at the designated time and bring a wrapped (or in a bag with the contents concealed) LEGO item valued at a minimum of $20.   Keep in mind, out-of-production sets, gear, unique items or some classic parts from your own collection are far more interesting then something that is available currently on the shelves in Canada. 

photo credit to deborah

Rules: Wrapped "gifts" are placed in the center.  Everyone will recieve a number, and in order they get a chance to pick a gift from the pile, unwrap it and show it to the audience.  Then the next number has a turn,  that player can either open a new gift, or steal the open gift.  If someone's gift is stolen, they immediately unwrap or steal another gift. Once a gift is stolen 3 times, it becomes LOCKED and no longer can be stolen.  The game continues until all players have had the chance to open or steal a gift and the game ends with the very first person going a final time. 

Entry Fee: $20 LEGO item. Must be 100% LEGO.