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2011 Event Kit
Designed - Janey Red Brick
Name - Moose





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The 2011 Moose was an adapted version of "Chester the Moose" which was originally designed by Janey Red Brick for LEGO Universe 2010 release.  Janey, along with 5 other Canadians were LEGO Universe Partners (LUP) and as team "LUPtario" they (Jeff, Janey, Deborah, Jenn, Derek and Dave) designed game module called "Deep Freeze".   The module was filled with as many Canadian cliches and icons the team felt they could get away with including many typical North American woodland creatures, including Chester (who speaks with a stereotypical Canadian accent).  The land is said to always be cold (from the lake effect) it was covered in a blanket of snow, and was inhabited by snowman, lumberjacks and a Zamboni, which constantly travelled in circles around the playing field. Many of the "LUPtario" Team were also involved in making Brickfête a reality, and therefore as a group they felt it was fitting to celebrate with something they were already proudly involved in.  

2012 Event Kit
Designed - Jason Allemann
Name - CN Tower
Pieces - 70

The instructions to a similiar
model to the one we used
can be found on Jason's site

The 2012 Event Kit was picked by a panel (our co-ordinators and a few guest judges) from our 2012 design an "Event Kit Contest".  The contest ran for one month in Jan 2012 and had a total of 12 entries.  All of them were very well designed and the judges had a very difficult time choosing the winner.  Congratulations to Jason for designing the winning entry, CN Tower, in the "Architectural Series" style, and thank you to all that entered!