Host LUG

In celebration of the Host LUG and in an act of camaraderie Brickfete will offer free tickets for a private get together for all of the members of the local Host LUG.  These tickets may only be used by official members at the time of the event being announced.  These tickets will be given directly to the president/leader of the Host LUG for distribution. 

Private Tour

The private tour is a block of time set aside for you to share your hobby with your significant other, parent, best friend, or child.  

Each registered AFOL that has a display will receive one FREE guest ticket upon registration valid for this time period. This ticket can be given to anyone you would like to share this time with.  If you do not have a guest to invite there will be an opportunity to trade in your ticket for karma instead during the opening ceremonies.  

We will not be offering any other tickets for this time period because we want to keep this time special and exclusively for the AFOL. The rest of your fans, friends and family will have to wait for the public times on Saturday or Sunday.