House Rules

Lanyards - All attendees must wear their lanyards at all times. In your lanyard sleeve you will find your raffle tickets and your designated event numbers, you will need those tickets & numbers at various times throughout the event, it would be prudent to leave them in there until needed. Your Brickfete ID is for your use only.  Every person admitted in the venue must have their own Brickfete ID, that includes anyone helping you set up or tear down. 

Food and Personal Items - No 'take out' or outside food is allowed in the venue. PERIOD.
Water is provided, and you may bring along a can/bottled drink and a "bagged lunch".  During the Public Expo feel free to leave for a lunch break, if you choose to stay, food should be eaten subtly/discreetly without being placed on tables.  All debris should be disposed of immediately.  
Do not leave any boxes, bags, personal items, including food or drinks on any table. Place your empty boxes under tables or take them back to your vehicle and take all valueables with your when you leave.   

3rd Party - Our vendors and sponsors make our event possible, please respect Brickfete's choice to allow specific approved 3rd party parts and many of these 3rd party parts companies are very generous to AFOL events.  However, if you do not appreciate or care to use non-LEGO branded parts, please give them to other AFOLs that do, or return those items to the registration desk.  We have many ways to put them to good use and will happily do so.  

Advertising - AFOL attendees please show respect to all our paying vendors & sponsors by not displaying ANY advertising (this means, no business cards, fliers, promotions, qrcodes, etc).  We do not want to clutter MOC tables with promotions. It is misleading to the public by making us look like a trade show instead of a display. It is unfair to those that have paid for the privileged.  The event has provided a LUG table for all LUGs (or AFOL events) to share for their related promotional material.  Feel free to use that space to promote your own LUG or event.  As well, there is a paying sponsors table, (not for personal ads unless you are an official sponsor).  All paid vendors are allowed to put any promotional items on any of their own tables.  No other advertising is allowed.  This rule will be enforced to keep it fair to all parties. 

Your creations - The layout is not done until MOC registration is closed. One creations is just as important as next creation. All are granted space at the event in the order they are registered. No one gets their own table unless the event has approved it (this is rare and for specific cases only). We all share tables because we put similar creations together to make a cohesive display. The event has a much nicer flow when similar themes are grouped together. Tables are rented by Brickfete and are often uneven or not exactly the same size. It is your own job to bring shims or anything else your layout needs if it will have to span over two tables.  In some cases some people have brought their own tables however you must let the event know a month in advance if you plan to do so. You may request power but there is no guarantees.  We have to be careful and abide by all venue rules when it comes to power.  As well, it may ONLY be used to run laptops, train/robot controllers, and "cool to the touch" lighting. Stanchions are an expensive and limited commodity.  We have found they also sometimes can lead to more problems than they are worth, for example being knocked down and doing more damage to a creation than little fingers can.  There is no guarantee that your creation will have stanchions. The best defence is a vigilant group of exhibitors. Please keep you eyes out for you and your neighbours displays, and remember to politely ask guests to not touch. We have a few exhibits that use floor space instead of table space, that is their choice and have right of first refusal on barricades.