2014 Toronto Guest Speakers 

This year we are pleased to have Kevin Hinkle (LEGO Senior Community Coordinator, USA) visit us once again in Toronto and to have Priscilla Sam (LEGO Assistant Manager, Events and Trade Marketing, Canada) joining him. 

Key Note Speaker - Jamie Berard (Design Manager Specialist at LEGO Group, Denmark)  

Please check the schedule for time and location.


 2013 Montreal Guest Speakers 

 Kevin Hinkle - North America Community Coordinator

2013 Toronto Guest Speakers 

 Kevin Hinkle - LEGO Community Coordinator
Pierre Normandin - Official LEGO Set Designer
Graeme Dymond - Official LEGO Master Model Builder

2012 Toronto Guest Speaker

Kevin Hinkle LEGO Community Coordinator

photo credit to Calum


2011 Toronto Guest Speaker


Jim Fould - LEGO Community Rep

photo credit to deborah