Miniland Contest

Eligible: Registered AFOL

Goal: The goal is to have a custom created Miniland Figures similar to those created by the LEGO company in their displays and theme parks.

Rules: Each figure must be displayed on a base (so they do not easily fall down) no larger than 8 by 8 studs.  This base may be decorated to enhance the figure you have created if desired.  No custom work allowed. 

Qualify: Do not identify your entry with your name (or other identifier) or upload your entry publicly on the MOC pages of our site.  To keep the judging as fair as possible, you will use your  Brickfete ID number (you will receive this number in your event bag when you register).  Each figure must be placed in the “Custom Miniland Contest” area by Friday at 5 pm to be considered for judging.

Entries should always be original ideas and should not be copied, stolen, or borrowed from other builder’s photos or models found online or elsewhere.  Please be honourable in your submissions.

Scoring: VIP Judging Panel

Originality - 5
Creativity - 5
Parts Use - 5

For a perfect score of 15

Prize: The best overall winner will be awarded with a LEGO prize.