OBB Town

Not all town MOCs need to be done to the rtlToronto (3 or 6 thirtytwo stud baseplate wide) or OBB (9 thirtytwo stud baseplate wide) Town Standards.
Individual MOCs not built to either standard and will have their own table space. 

However, if you would like to join our collaborative please follow the rtl or OBB "standard".  

You need three complete 32 x 32 baseplates minimally to participate.
1 track section.  
1 road section.  
1 green space (not shown)

If you double the selection, you will be an entire row in the rtl standard.
2 track sections
2 road sections
2 green space (not shown)

If you want more space to build, join the OBB standard, you must build the entire 9 baseplate row.
2 track sections
2 road sections
5 green space (not shown)

You can create more rows in either layout if you want.  (6 in the rtl and 9 in the OBB)

Note: As long as both sides outside edges of your modules match the train and road entry and exits areas, you can do whatever you would like in the interior.  If you want to lower or raise the grade, or change the location of the road and track, or add interior roads and track, please feel free.  

  1. The first plate - 32 by 32 - Train Track Section (see example photo 6)
  2. The second plate - 32 by 32 - Road and Sidewalk (see example photo 9)
  3. The third plate - 32 by 32 - Green Space - 2 bricks high. This is where you get to have some fun and build whatever you want. Any type and style of building or city/town design.... parks, offices, stores, institutions etc, anything goes! 

All town MOCs should be registered on the MOC page regardless if they are part of the collaborative or not.




Thanks to Paul for the new road standard, and thanks to Jeff for the "mlcading".