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Concept to Finished Model - LEGO Designer Jamie Berard

Jamie Berard will take us through all the steps for a completed LEGO model.  Designing a set from the orginial concept to the completed finished design including development models used throught out the process. There will be an question and answer period. 
Prototype and Scale Modelling - Michael Gale 
Can LEGO brick serve as a viable medium for modelling real prototype subjects such as trains, cars, boats, architecture, etc. to near-scale standards?  On the surface, it seems counter-intuitive given the relatively coarse geometry and limited palette of elements available in the Lego system.  However; in practice, many builders are rendering prototype models with dazzling and sublime levels of scale prototype fidelity.  Achieving this goal takes skill, practice, and dedication.  But more importantly, it involves adopting a sensibility or attitude not unlike any other modeller of prototype subjects.  In this session, Michael will attempt to discuss this theme and by example show practical methods builders/modellers use to achieve this standard.  This session will include topics such as choosing a prototype, adopting a scale, research, iterative building, using CAD tools, and the elusive quality of artistic judgement (aka "modellers license"). 

Making your MOCs Super-poseable - Chris Roach

Learn some building secrets and techniques from Lego and Transfomers enthusiast Chris Roach, AKA Boyzwiththemosttoyz. Give your Lego creations articulation so they can strike a pose!  Explore the best Lego elements to use to create superposeable action figures, robots  and transformers using ball joints, ratchets joints and “T” joint mechanisms.  Find some tips and tricks to bring your MOCs to life!


Past Presentations


2013 Montreal

BrickFilms Presentation by Marc-André Caron
MINDSTORMS EV3 by Marc-André Bazmati


2013 Toronto

BrickFilms Presentation by Marc-André Caron
MINDSTORMS EV3 by Marc-André Bazmati


2012 Toronto

MLCad Basics by Jeff Van Winden