Vendor And Sponsor Info

Vendor space is limited.  All new vendors must be approved.  

Returning vendor DEADLINE - Register for Brickfete and pay your sponsorship by May 15.

All approved vendors must have an exhibitor pass are required to purchase one level of available sponsorship. Depending on the level of your sponsorship, your ad will be weighted for the random corner ad placement and will be sized accordingly for our event board. 

Please contact us directly at to be added to our waiting list. 

If you would like to be a vendor for Brickfête, please be sure you qualify.
You will need to agree to the following rules and expectations when you sign up.

  1. After you are a registered exhibitor you must purchase one level of available sponsorship.  All levels of sponsorship must must be a cash payment. We no longer accept product. 
  2. All the merchandise you sell or display is LEGO brand, or approved LEGO compatible AFOL made customs, or LEGO related products. Vendors must have all new product lines approved by Brickfete. You may not sell product that someone else is already selling.  Please ask if you are unsure.   
  3. ABSOLUTELY No food, drink or competitor clone brand brick sales.
  4. ABSOLUTELY No raffles, draws, lotteries or contests of any kind.
  5. Each vendor must have their own booth ready and completely set up by 9am on public days. No sub-letting, sharing or renting out. 
  6. All of your staff must have Brickfete I.D. and must follow the house rules and TOS set forth for AFOL registered guests.
  7. Rearranging your table location is not allowed. Tables will be directly beside each other.
  8. You may use your own tables/displays only if they do not take up more space than the table that is provided.
  9. Blocking exits, walkways, or other public spaces when unloading or loading is not allowed.
  10. Infringing on or disturbing other sellers ability to sell is not allowed. 
  11. Power is available if needed. You must request it 2 weeks in advance. 
  12. WIFI is not guaranteed, but is something we try to provide. 
  13. You are responsible for your own table coverings, skirting, all sign-age and all product pricing and lighting.  
    Nothing may be attached to venue walls or floors and any auxiliary lighting must not be hot to the touch. 
  14. Your staff, merchandise, sales (including reporting) and till/register/change are your own responsibility.
    Brickfête, the Brickfête Team, and the venue are not responsible for damaged, lost, stolen goods or poor sales.

Breaking these rules, expectations, or any Canadian Law including Local By-Laws are grounds for eviction without compensation or a refund. 

Please contact us directly at to be added to our waiting list.   

Please Note -  Banner ads will be added when vending for that current year opens and will remain on the site until the last day of the current year.  Sponsor and vendor ads appear randomly (but weighted by amount of sponsorship) on the top right corner of our site.  

Sponsors page remains ordered by the first come first serve karma policy started year one to honor those that took a chance on us before we grew in size.  If a sponsor chooses to not renew their sponsorship, they lose their placement on that list.  

Vendors are rated on senority.  
Senority points are calculated in the following way: Vendors earn a score between 1 to 6 each year they participate.  This either moves you up or down the seniority list for events in the future, which means the more you participate the more likely you will make the list for next year.  

  • 1 point for your paid attendance
  • 1 point for your paid sponsorship
  • 1 point for a MOC (or more) displayed (you must register this MOC on the MOC page for it to count).  
  • 1 point vending for the full hours (10-3) on Sat or Sun, a half a point for each day.  
  • 1 point for being the first vendor having unique merchandise (decided by staff)
  • 1 point for offering other support, examples - sizable advertising, large effort of volunteering your time or helping us in other ways (also decided by staff) 

Sponsorship Info

How can I get on the Sponsor Banner Page, "Corner Ad" or in the Brickfête Event Program?
Ads are for PAID sponsors only.

What do I get for Sponsorship?

Price for a sponsorship is a minimum of $150.00 cash.  As your sponsorship price goes up, so does the size of your ad in the event program and the weighting of our "Corner Ad" on every page of our website.  You must provide a 150 by 600 wide pixel banner ad and your URL/Link if applicable to

The first two "Legacy Sponsorship" Levels are only available to companies that sponsored us from 2011-2013
Legacy $150 White Brick Sponsorship

A banner on our Sponsor page 
Random "Corner Ad" on every page of our website (weighted value -1) 


Legacy $300 Yellow Brick Sponsorship 
1 table if you are an approved vendor
Banner on the Sponsors page on this site and your name in our program.  
Random "Corner Ad" on every page of our website (weighted value -2)
2 free Public Expo Tickets.
$500 Orange Brick Sponsorship 
1 table (2 tables for Legacy Sponsors) if you are an approved vendor
Banner on the Sponsors page on this site and your name in our program.
Random "Corner Ad" on every page of our website (weighted value -3)
4 free Public Expo Tickets.
$1000 Red Brick Sponsorship 
2 tables (3 tables for Legacy Sponsors) if you are an approved vendor
Banner on the Sponsors page on this site and your name in our program. 
Random "Corner Ad" on every page of our website (weighted value -4)
6 free Public Expo Tickets.
$3000 Black Brick Sponsorship 
3 tables if you are an approved vendor
Banner on the Sponsors page on this site and your name in our program.
Random "Corner Ad" on every page of our website (weighted value -5)
8 free Public Expo Tickets.

This button is a direct link to sponsorship. 

Will you put my flyer in the Brickfête event bag?

Yes, at our discretion.  

AFOL Events and some LEGO related organizations are allowed to supply LEGO relevant flyers for the event bag.  We recommend a minimum of 300 for the event bags and thousand for the public day.  They need to be delivered to us at your own expense one month prior to the event to be eligible to be added to our event bag by the Brickfête Team.  However, providing flyers will not get you any sponsor or vendor rewards. 

If approved and you prefer to bring your flyers with you, or mailed items do not arrive in time we will save them for you to be stacked, in a specified location determined by the Brickfete Team.  It is your responsibility to keep the single stack looking presentable and replenished over the weekend. 

LUG table is available for all LUGs (or AFOL events) to share for their related promotional material.  Feel free to use that space to promote your LUG.  As well, there is sponsors table (this is not for personal ads unless you are an official sponsor).  Only paid vendors are allowed to put any promotional items on any of their own tables No other advertising by others is allowed.  This rule will be enforced to keep it fair to all parties. 

AFOL and public attendees please show respect to all our paying vendors & sponsors by not displaying ANY advertising (this means, no business cards, fliers, promotions, qrcodes, etc).  We do not want to clutter MOC tables with promotions, it is misleading to the public, it is unfair to those that have paid for the privileged and makes us look like a trade show instead of a display.  Any unapproved advertising will be throw away by staff.